Tight-It-Up - Lug Nuts and Bolts

Which is the tightening torque of the lug nuts or bolts?

Information of more than 1500 vehicles.

Filter for vehicle name or brand, easy and fast.

In this application you have information about the correct torque for tightening the wheel bolt or nut of the car. Use a torque wrench and tight it up following the specification. Ideally, it should be checked monthly.

This information is very important and prevents wheels coming off, wheel bolts blown, wheel studs pulled out and nuts with threads stripped.

Can't find the car in the app? Contact us via the information button inside the app and request the specification, we will locate and inform you, later we will update the application so that more users can benefit from the information.

*¹The information was selected and taken from the internet or technical manuals, but the application of knowledge is the responsibility of the user.